JOIN US! Much like any other sporting events, attendees are encouraged to interact and participate vocally throughout the competition. By calling out their favorite numbers of those dancing, bringing bull horns, or making signs for their favorite couple - you can add to the competitive experience for all those in attendance.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the door on Sunday in the Ballroom.


Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport
1111 Airport Boulevard PO Box 12420
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 15231

Admission Pricing (Cash, Charge and Checks accepted)
$10 Printed Program While supplies last

$20 Daytime Session Tickets 18 and Under

$30 Daytime Session Tickets Over 18

$25 Evening Session Tickets 18 and Under

$35 Evening Session Tickets Over 18

$35 All Access Tickets 18 and Under

$50 All Access Tickets Over 18

$20 Video Camera Access - No video taping allowed without it



Pittsburgh DanceSport Challenge‚Äč