Andrew Pueschel

Resident Instructor at The Edgewood Club
One Pennwood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1627

Group and Private Lessons

  • - Wedding Couples
  • - Social Dancers
  • - Competitive and Showcase Opportunities

As an enthusiastic and dedicated independent instructor, my role is to create a stimulating environment in which you can thrive emotionally, creatively, and personally while learning how to dance. I teach you not just how to dance but how to become a dancer!

I believe that everyone comes to ballroom dancing for a reason. Whether you are someone who wants to learn the graces of being a smooth social dancer, challenge yourself in a dancesport competition, or share the moment with your loved one during your first dance . . . I will make you the best YOU that YOU can be!

Private lessons and scheduled group classes are available. NO experience is needed.

Book your lesson today by calling 412-656-3667 or email me at

Start your dancing journey today!

Cash, Check, or Credit Cards Accepted*
Multiple lesson pre-pay options available.

The Edgewood Club
One Pennwood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1627

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